The Spikettes!

Beware all who enter here!

The Spikettes
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This is a community for the Spikettes and lovers of James Marsters everywhere! Membership is open, and all ships are acceptable!

If you want to find any of us, this is where to look:
The James Marsters Forum
Sweet Poison
Sinister Urges
The Big Bad Board
Sci Scape
Marsters Mobsters
More Than Spike

JM Webrings
The James Marsters Webring

Instructions on how to post an entry
1. Click on 'Journal' and 'Update' as per normal.
2. Click on 'You're looking at the simple page. For more options, click here'
3. Then in ''Optional Settings' click on 'Journal to post in', you will see that you have two options, your own journal, and 'thespikettes', click on 'thespikettes' and carry on as usual.